/now: what I'm interested in

Last updated: 2016-04.

General points

Right now I’m somewhat interested in building a few game prototypes and looking for playtesters. But main thought theme now is how to make our project release-ready faster and how to build it to be robust.

These ideas about games I want to ponder in near future: small group dynamics, tension-release cycle, building barriers.

Outside my day job I tinker with Common Lisp and play small games. I want to write about these experiences.

Reading list

This is a list of books I’m reading (or just have finished by the time you are reading this), so I would be glad to discuss them with you (contacts are at /about).

  1. Hackers, S. Levy
  2. Peopleware, T. DeMarco, T. Lister.
  3. Code Complete & Rapid Development, S. McConnell.
  4. The Hero with a Thousand Faces, J. Campbell.
  5. Cryptography Engineering, N. Ferguson, B. Schneier, T. Kohno.
  6. Design of Everyday Things, D. Norman.

Gaming list

This is a list of games I’m playing (or just have finished by the time you are reading this), so if you want to discuss them — you’re welcome.

  1. Risk of Rain
  2. Apotheon
  3. Read Only Memories
  4. This War of Mine
  5. Papers, Please
  6. Don’t Starve

Listening list

Well, that title sounds unusual. As per above sections, I’m open to discussion about any of these.

  1. Well-Tempered Klavier
  2. Angelophreniya (Ангелофрения)
  3. late TV on the Radio

That’s it for /now.