Tim Marinin

As seen on Github, Twitter, VK, and Instagram. You can write me at mt@marinin.xyz.


I run small multilingual multitopic blog, check it out at /thoughts.


Small services for web developers

  • MethodPost, accept HTML forms without writing code
  • Mistype, let your users inform you about errors in copy
  • a11y.ru, under construction

All the things JavaScript

  • require-link, extension to automagically turn require('stuff') into a link to npm
  • ansi2html, node.js stream to convert ANSI color sequence to guess what
  • offter, this type of CMS is not that often

Game development

Ping me to get access to private alpha versions.

  • Enter the Mountain, reversed rpg
  • History Police, platformer about time


In no particular order, I do

  • Work as a Software Engineer, EPAM Systems since July 2016
  • Organize Nodeschool SPB, offline event, self-driven workshops about node.js and JS in general
  • Teach course on JS in Epic Skills, it's better than it sounds